"Exceptionally thorough, she moves from clinical to a working protocol extraordinary in its scope.DrTranquility is professionally superb, with relaxation& hope always in her voice"

Luck & Prosperity Dr.Tranquility Talks On Demand On Healer's area with Dr.Joe Vitaale, Kaliyani, Rori Raye, Dee Wallace & more!

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Our new cover & issue on March 19th is amazing. drtranquility.com/site/DrTzoneDrtranquilitymagazine.htmlWe just can't let go of this beautiful February cover featuring Kaliyani. You'll find her on You tube with over 300k views in just a few months in New Age Music ...simply awesome! She's on the move in many other places as well including her article in this issue visit the magazine page. Simply click the tab on the left ..
We are accepting 2 nominees of our 2 remaining spaces set aside for great but less known healer's!find out more by clicking Dr.Tranquility Talks Doctor's to the left. Sign up now! Sign up now! You may also email lydia@drtranquility.com

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Come on in and find out about a great line of apparel that empowers women. This is the first line to feature a women's Polo Player logo. Mane Goal where elegance & empowerment meet Chrity. Mane Goal,it's a lifestyle! it's not just for polo anymore!
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Start Your Prosperous Month of Luck especially as March is here! DrTranquility PR
Lydia is an accomplished public relations profession with deep experience in managing all aspects of public relations and media campaigns. She specializes in educating the wellness community globally through her own media outlets -- electronic, print, radio and television -- and is her own producer, publisher and editor. In short, Lydia has years of direct, hands-on experience in educating and enlightening a large and upper income market. She is prepared to advise, prepare strategies and manage end-to-end campaigns.Fundamental in the execution of all of this is most importantly, having the personal connections as well asadditional resources to pull it off. Which these days is as important as the skills themselves.'

Our successful promotional campaigns have included: Wellness,Incredible Travel Destinations for spiritual wellness or simply a 5 star holiday Wellness Walks. This includes of course our magazine Dr.T's Zone which is directly promoted to our extensive top publicity & producer for radio as well as TV ,connections & friends.
On Demand Video:
Famed shoe designer Jimmy Choo' s with Eddie Lim;Mango Tree & Awana restaurants UK,The famed 5 star Hotel & Spa the Dorchester,Mayfair ,UK . Bob Champion Trust, Royal Marsden Hospital unprecedented access's

Radio Interviews: Viraling on numerous platforms initiating with our own for additional experience & recognition on shows in the company of Top Gurus in the Wellness,Dating & Relationship arena's & with our various partner publicists we work with to extend our reach beyond our incredible platforms.


Wellness Gurus:
Numerous Hay House authors, Dr.Joe Vitale,Dr.Wayne Dyer,Parmahansa Jagadesh,Higher Brain. & aided countless others in their PR per suits in the Dating & Relationship Industries as well.


Our Date Therapy Practitioner Course as well as various promotions presenting our clients as the experts in/on Major media,International dating groups,Magazines including our own Dr.T's Zone which is directly mailed to a few thousand of the top publicists,producers for radio,TV and print in the Wellness arena.


Additional Campaigns & Clients, Testimonials are just below!

DrTranquility Talks Interview's DrTranquility-Lydia has worked with via PR, interviews & events :Dr.Joe Vitale,Dr.Wayne Dyer,Hay House,Jimmy Choo. Penn or penned or been featured in or the principle expert for; Forbes,Redbook,Cosmo,Glamour UK,Good day NY,The View,abcnews.com ABCNEWS.com,and as an expert for Fox 5 Good Day, KISS-FM, and WOR-FM. The Dorchester Spa,The Charles Hotel,M Vegas,Pura Vida Yoga retreats on her wellness walks.

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Is your 4 legged friend (baby)
suffering with thunder/loud noise phobia & anxiety?Try Dr.Tranquility's Rolling Thunder
Pet Relief...An all natural formula. A product I developed & formulated for rescue doogies
& cats. Having been a parent to 6 rescue doggies myself! Visit RTPR page here on our site.

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Dr.Tranquility's Interview with amazing motivational guru Dr. Joe Vitale: http://www.mrfire.com/podcasts/Dr-Tranquility-Instant-Manifestation-Interview.m4a

Enjoy Date Therapy,Dr.T Zone and Dr.Tranquility Talksdrtranquility.com/site/DateTherapybydrtranquility.html
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